Sunday, November 27, 2016

Pokemon Go Event Updates

So far the Pokemon Go Thanksgiving Day event has been going really well, the double experience is working out great as I have been able to get to level 30 and I am really close to level 31 now.

I have traveled to my regular Pokemon Go Hot Spots, and I have met a few really cool people in the process. Most recent I was at La Jolla Cove and it was lit up with Lure's as usual. I met Dan there and I am looking forward to do some Pokemon hunting with him at the 4 squares in Coronado Island, I will update a page for Coronado soon.

I've gone to Santa Monica Pier twice since the event started, it was a nice place to go hunting however it seems that spawning has been a bit unusual lately, normally Santa Monica Pier Hot Spot is plentiful with Dratini's however both times I was out there I did not see one :(

Let me know of any spots you have been heading to during the event and what different experiences you have had there?

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