Monday, November 14, 2016

Long Beach Pokemon Go Hotspot

Long Beach California was a very popular and active Pokemon Go hot spot, there were a lot of lures firing off all night, though I didn't see any very rare Pokemon there were a wide variety of the regulars spawning all night. It's a very good Pokemon hunting place for the regular Pogo hunter and I can't wait to visit during a holiday hunting event when Niantic hosts the next one.

Long Beach had a very nice setup on it's peninsula for a nice walk while consistently hitting Poke stops as well as catching Pokemon. You'll see in the picture below how the roads leading around the peninsula line up well with multiple Pokestop's, if you have a bike, skateboard or something similar to travel faster you can really rack up the Pokemon Buddy system candies as well as hatching eggs.


Long Beach is a fore sure Pokemon Go Hot spot place to go during the next event, I recommend having plenty of egg incubators and fill your items bag with plenty of Poke balls priory to heading out to Long Beach.

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