Team Instinct


The least popular of the Pokemon Go battle teams is team instinct. As the 3 teams battle and look to dominate gyms you have to wonder why instinct is staying so quite, almost everywhere you go you can meet players that are part of team instinct but most of them are not currently involved in gym battling so much, it seems they are more focused on preparing for battle and building there Pokemon line-up. 

Is right now a good time to battle? Currently the Pokemon go battle system seems to be a little broken and less attention is being put towards the development of it, as we get so little points for winning in battles, as well as no experience to our Pokemon and getting little to no stardust for the battles it seems the only real benefit of Pokemon go gym battles is the few 10 coins you get as well as the 500 stardust per gym membership.

What to know about Pokemon Go's Team Instinct:

1. Team Instinct is ran by the only boy in the group of the 3 team leaders in Pokemon Go. By the name of Spark, his values and beliefs as a Pokemon Go trainer is very unique and has a somewhat strong team commitment. Spark has also a very unique wardrobe that some might find to be a little funny looking not only for his choice in hunting clothes but also the fact that standing out in the sneaky hidden Pokemon fields trying to catch one.


2. Do not plan to battle in Pokemon Go gyms for a while. Team Instinct has been very quite so far in the game, no one knows as to why so far but it seems Team Instinct is focusing more on getting prepared for battling in the near future; maybe when Niantic decides to start focusing more on fixing the battle aspect of Pokemon Go. Team Instinct may not have the wrong idea here, while the battle and gym system in Pokemon Go needs some attention, rather than spending the time to take one over, you should be out collecting stardust (most needed is stardust) and candies.


Choosing a team in Pokemon Go is a decision you must make at level 5 in the mobile game, as it may not make much difference in actual in-game features there are some differences in what you can accomplish in the game as of right now.

Red Team Valor seems to be very popular in the game as a team that is very Gym battling focused, and one thing that is wise by them for this is it is easier to join the gym when your team owns it as well as for each Pokemon Go gym you are a member at you receive 500 stardust and 10 free poke coins.

That being said do not let this influence your decision alone, if you think about the time it takes to level up a gym you can catch 10+ Pokemon and collect 100 stardust each. Yes being at a gym does give a sense of instant gratification but I think the idea Niantic is trying to impose is a long term game with much more to come in the future, I think Team Instinct is resting in the back getting ready and waiting to bring a storm to the Pokemon Go game when the time is right.


Take all these facts into account before choosing between team valor, mystic or instinct. Depending on which way you look at it there can be benefits to each team. I think the benefits to Team Instinct are a diamond in the rough as of now and we can only wait and see whats to come in the future!

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