Team Mystic


In Pokemon Go's world of mystery hunting and battle there are 3 teams to choose from, Team Mystic appearing to be the colder and calmer side of the battle teams is not to be taken lightly. Mystic prides itself with a mascot of the mystical "Articuno".

Blanche is the Team Mystic leader, she believes in applying logic and wisdom to their Pokemon Go training techniques. Blanche can be a very appealing character to Pokemon Go players, but don't let it fool you, Team Mystic is very quite and deep thinking in their gaming plans. As a team in between, it seems Mystic has been a very quite team lately almost as much as Team Instinct. Blanche also has some very attractive artwork her students have created for her!


At level 5 in Pokemon Go your going to be faced with a decision of choosing a team to join. There are 3 teams to choose from, Team Mystic, Team Valor and Team Instinct. As of right now there is little to no difference between the 3 teams, however if your looking to be a religious player this may be a decision you need to take very much consideration on.

Pokemon Go is still so new and fresh, some even saying a little too early (development stages). Niantic has a long way to in actually making PoGo a long term and interesting game for the long run, as an early RPG game there are many updates to come from Niantic. One of which will be more attention to the actual functionality of each team.

I think a big part of the teams exclusivity may be in there Pokemon mascots alone, the 3 teams have three mystical Pokemon that you may want to think about before choosing a team.

Team Mystic: 

When choosing a team I think you should take into account the availability of there mystical mascots. As Niantic progresses the game UI aspects I feel that these 3 mystical Pokemon may play a big part in team domination. To see a stats comparison between the three mystical Pokemon it is available here on Pokemon Go Teams comparison.

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