Team Valor


As part of the three teams you choose to side with at level 5, is Team Valor! Trainer Candela which is Pokemon Go's selected leader of Team Valor, Candela believes in focusing on Pokemon's strength and power.


Team Valor is probably the most popular team in Pokemon Go. Surely most players selection come from their favorite color being red, however some players do attract more towards the strength and power idea when training their Pokemon.

One thing is for sure, if you are looking to focus on the gym battle aspect of the game as of right now Team Valor is the way to go. Team Valor is very active and devoted to making their name and color known to Pokemon Go players as being dominate and focused on controlling every aspect of the game. Almost everywhere you go with numerous gyms you will at the least see one red gym, if not all the gyms in the area will be red.


Things to know about Team Valor

1. If your looking for the most popular team to join then Team Valor is the team to go with right now. Though it is impossible to know how many members of each team there are in Pokemon Go, Team Valor seems to be the most popular and active team in the Pokemon Go community. Not only can you see them as gym owners almost everywhere you go, Team Valor also takes pride in their reputation online as well as in their artwork, you can see online that Team Valor is very active, just doing a google search you can find an array of artwork pieces they have constructed.


2. Team Valor not only has the most popular team color, you can also find their members anywhere you go, if your looking for a group to join in on randomly you can find Team Valor players usually grouped up in state parks or beaches. Literally you can find members anywhere!


When you reach level 5 in Pokemon Go you will be faced with choosing a team to side with for the purpose of battling, the team choices are Valor (Candela), Mystic (Blanche) and Instinct (Spark)! There is few benefits right now to choosing the correct team, however that's not to be taken lightly, Niantic has to in the near future elaborating more on the functionality of Pokemon Go teams, more specifically what their trainers are capable of doing.


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