Monday, November 28, 2016

Where to Find Ditto in Pokemon Go


So I see a lot of questions and suggestions of different players all over the internet and social media claiming the best ways to find Ditto and where to go?

Well, let me tell you the best place to find a Ditto is right in your backyard!

Not litterally your backyard, but what I'm trying to say is that there is no perfect place or spot to find a Ditto. Some people are reporting capturing 10 or 12 Ditto's which of course doable but keep in mind your bound to find as many as you want if your out playing all day everyday which is just not in most of our schedules to do so.

So where to find this gummy little creature?
As I said earlier, right in your bakyard! In fact I think you have a better chance finding a Ditto away from the more common Hot Spot hunting grounds of Pokemon Go, and just opening Pokemon Go in random locations in which the most likely Pokemon to show up is a Rattata or Pidgey.

I have captured 2 Ditto's, one of which was at work in a rural area on the first day of the Thanksgiving Pokemon Go Event. Since the event started I have been to Santa Monica Pier twice, La Jolla Cove and a couple other rural area's here in the Inland Empire and the second Ditto I caught was in La Jolla Cove which I don't really consider a Hot Spot compared to Coronado or Santa Monica but just a comfortable place to rack up easy stardust.

So in finding Ditto I would just catch the common Pidgey's and Rattata's that pop up anyday in any location that you find yourself in, that's exactly how I did it.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Pokemon Go Event Updates

So far the Pokemon Go Thanksgiving Day event has been going really well, the double experience is working out great as I have been able to get to level 30 and I am really close to level 31 now.

I have traveled to my regular Pokemon Go Hot Spots, and I have met a few really cool people in the process. Most recent I was at La Jolla Cove and it was lit up with Lure's as usual. I met Dan there and I am looking forward to do some Pokemon hunting with him at the 4 squares in Coronado Island, I will update a page for Coronado soon.

I've gone to Santa Monica Pier twice since the event started, it was a nice place to go hunting however it seems that spawning has been a bit unusual lately, normally Santa Monica Pier Hot Spot is plentiful with Dratini's however both times I was out there I did not see one :(

Let me know of any spots you have been heading to during the event and what different experiences you have had there?

Monday, November 21, 2016

Pokemon Go Thanksgiving Event

So Niantic officially announces the Thanksgiving Day event. From midnight on November 23rd to November 30th us players will receive double experience and double Stardust for all in-game actions. Here is the original message from Niantic Labs:
It has been an incredible experience since we launched Pokémon GO a few short months ago in July. We are passionate about creating experiences that encourage exploration and promote exercise. We are humbled that hundreds of millions of you around the world have joined us on this journey. So we would like to say thank you - and what better way to say thank you than to celebrate our community.
So, starting November 23rd at 00:00 UTC and going through November 30th 00:00 UTC, we will double the amount of XP and Stardust you receive when completing in-game actions.

The Pokémon GO team
So let's get down to business here the event starts in 2 days and we need to start preparing for it. You need to start collecting those Pokeballs, trainers everywhere are reporting that in the recent updates Niantic has reduced the amount of Pokeballs given at each Pokestop and they have increased the items received, not that this is a bad thing if your constantly taking over Gym's but now our focus is to "Catch Em All" so we need Pokeballs to do that.

What I do to stack up the Pokeballs is I purchased bag increase to be able to carry 600 items. So now when I go on a Pokeball run I fill up the bag, then I drop all the unnecessary items like the potions, etc. and I do it again until I have a bag full of Pokeballs. There are multiple places that have perfect setups for doing Pokeball runs in all areas, just because an area or town isn't a hotspot spawning with all kinds of creatures it should still have somewhere that has multiple Pokestops around. On our Hot Spot page each location has a Pokestop Map of the best way to do Pokeball runs in the area.

The other way to get prepared is buying Lure's, Incense and Lucky Eggs. I personally do not get the Incense because the places I hunt spawn so heavy there is absolutely no use for them, however I can not speak for individuals in rural areas. The incense may be a necessity for you, on the other hand if you are in a rural area maybe this would be a great time to think about taking a trip to a more Pokemon Go friendly spot, think about it there is a big event going on and most of us have a 4 day weekend from work so why not pack up and take a trip.

If you check out the Pokemon Go Hot Spot page which I linked above you can see where the best Pokemon Go hunting places are to go. What I will be purchasing to take with me is lots of Lure Modules and Lucky Eggs.

Trainers also please do not forget to complete your daily quests, remember we will be getting double stardust so that means 1400 stardust for the first catch of each day, and remember on that 7th day we will see a whopping 6200 stardust for the first catch of that day. This is just a simple little task that will rack up easy dust during this event!


Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Santa Monica Pier Hot Spot

Well the least to say about Pokemon Go hunting at Santa Monica Pier is WOW!

The pier not only has attractions, food and lots of music, but it is lit with a beautiful array of lure modules consistently all night. There are multiple Poke Stops that all have lures burning, not to mention countless amounts of easy catching Pokemon to rack up that stardust.


I was at Santa Monica from 11:30pm to 1:00am and I never once stopped catching Pokemon the entire time. I even ran into a Dragonite while I was there and according to the other players there are many other rares that spawn there throughout the day including Snorlax, Aerodactyl and a few other uncommon Pokemon. Though the Dragonite wasn't the strongest I've caught before it was a good looking creature and was exciting to catch.


To see more photos and more detailed information about Pokemon Go hunting here, go to our Pokemon Go Hot Spot page!

Monday, November 14, 2016

Long Beach Pokemon Go Hotspot

Long Beach California was a very popular and active Pokemon Go hot spot, there were a lot of lures firing off all night, though I didn't see any very rare Pokemon there were a wide variety of the regulars spawning all night. It's a very good Pokemon hunting place for the regular Pogo hunter and I can't wait to visit during a holiday hunting event when Niantic hosts the next one.

Long Beach had a very nice setup on it's peninsula for a nice walk while consistently hitting Poke stops as well as catching Pokemon. You'll see in the picture below how the roads leading around the peninsula line up well with multiple Pokestop's, if you have a bike, skateboard or something similar to travel faster you can really rack up the Pokemon Buddy system candies as well as hatching eggs.


Long Beach is a fore sure Pokemon Go Hot spot place to go during the next event, I recommend having plenty of egg incubators and fill your items bag with plenty of Poke balls priory to heading out to Long Beach.

See more about Long Beach Pokemon Go Hot spot on our Hot Spot page!

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

La Jolla Cove Hot Spot

One of my favorite Pokemon Go hunting locations is La Jolla Cove in San Diego, CA. I like to call it Pokemon Go's Triangle, it is always lit with lures and spawn a pretty good variety of various Pokemon, there is a perfect street setup above to do Poke ball runs. I can literally spend hours here and not know where the time has gone.

Recently I have introduced my Hot Spot pages, please see more about Pokemon Go Hot Spots!


A Google Earth view of La Jolla Cove with poke stop locations and an image of the hunting grounds.


La Jolla Cove's Pokemon Go's Triangle! Always lit with lures and just a perfect setup all around for any night of Pokemon hunting.

Hot Spots in Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go hot spots now live, introducing a players perspective and experience at different Pokemon Go hunting grounds bringing you the up close and personal experience to help you find current hot spot information and where to go.

See photos and location information of the best and most entertaining places to hunt for Pokemon Go's creatures, as well as find the best places to hit Poke stops as well as do Gym Battles. Pokemon Go Community is here to bring players together and share with everyone where the best places to go and meet new people as well as strengthen alliances among Pokemon Go players.

Visit the new Hot Spot page to see the best places to go in your area.

Have Hot Spot information from your area, submit it here to have it posted and shared with everyone. Please send all information possible including photos and location information!

Sunday, November 6, 2016


Pokemon Go Team Community is a place meant to bring teams together for epic battling as well as group Pokemon hunting. As Pokemon Go takes the gaming world by storm, it makes it a lot more fun and easier to play in groups.

I have been playing Pokemon Go for almost 2 months now and I couldn't be more addicted, my idea behind this site is to make one place for players to come together and create friends and hunting groups, as well as getting updates to game activities as they roll out.

Click your team below to find out more about whats going on around you for your team events and groups, take over gyms faster and easier when you do it in groups!

Pokemon Go Team Instinct!

Pokemon Go Team Valor!

Pokemon Go Team Mystic!

Join the epic battle going on in the real gaming world before it's too late, with Pokemon Go's newly growing gaming programs now is the time to start building your team and preparing for the battles yet to come. Niantic will soon start focusing on the battle foreground and will you be prepared with the strongest Pokemon line-up to be an asset to your team.