La Jolla Cove

This location is one of my favorites, at La Jolla Cove the actual setup of it just makes it not only fun but very easy to hunt in Pokemon Go. The tripod of Poke stops makes it easy to make a perfect circle to continuously capture Pokemon as well as hit the three Poke stops in a 5 minute loop.

Above the hill at La Jolla Cove the Poke stops run in a perfect strip up and down the streets and makes it easy to go on poke ball runs, this area in Pokemon Go is a very good and easy setup to have a successful night of Pokemon hunting.

Popular Pokemon that night in this area were, Pikachu, Geodude, Psyduck, Mankey, Nidoran male & female, Horsea, Ekans, Zubat and Tentacool.

Given the fact that this used to be an insane Scyther nest I did not see one this night and haven't really ran into them lately in San Diego. However I have seen an increase in other Pokemon to start spawning in this area, one is the Pikachu, I have not seen as many as this night pop up into one area. I was able to evolve 2 Raichu's after this night of Pokemon Go hunting.


As you circle these three Poke stops you will continually capture Pokemon, this was on a Sunday night and I was there from about 10:00pm to about 2:00am. I purchased a pack of 8 lure modules and there was others there dropping lures just as much. I maintained one Poke stop while others were dropping lures in the other two Poke stops. I captured close to 200 Pokemon in the time I was there including me having to do one Poke ball run and I was also being picky with what Pokemon I was catching.


You can see the Poke stop setup above the tri-pod location for hunting. When running low on Pokeballs it is a very good setup to head up and do a Poke ball run, there is also a few Pokemon Go gyms up there if you feel the need to express your power and represent your team nearby.


I was very surprised to see as many Pikachu's as I did that night, I think Niantic is starting to spread the Pokemon spawning locations around to give a more diverse capturing technique to Pokemon Go players. There were quite a few Pokemon I don't see regularly at La Jolla Cove, it brought a lot more interest to the location and hopefully it will continue to spawn a larger variety of Pokemon for players to focus growing a diverse team on.


I have seen a lot of Bellsprout here but I don't think ever a Weepinbell. Niantic is making Pokemon Go more and more entertaining for players!


I've seen a few bulbasaurs here but this is my first Ivysaur.


Given that I have 4 Nidokings in my pocket its not too exciting to see one spawn, however that's not to say for everyone, quite a few people came running for this Nidoking right down the way from the Poke stop Tri-Pod at La Jolla Cove.

La Jolla Cove is again one of my favorite Pokemon Go hunting grounds to go to, everything about the whole setup just makes it an entertaining place to Pokemon hunt. Hours can pass by before you even know it because you are constantly busy catching Pokemon here.

Do you have photos to share or you may have a good location you want to be posted, please send all your info possible including photos and location information here.

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