Sunday, November 6, 2016


Pokemon Go Team Community is a place meant to bring teams together for epic battling as well as group Pokemon hunting. As Pokemon Go takes the gaming world by storm, it makes it a lot more fun and easier to play in groups.

I have been playing Pokemon Go for almost 2 months now and I couldn't be more addicted, my idea behind this site is to make one place for players to come together and create friends and hunting groups, as well as getting updates to game activities as they roll out.

Click your team below to find out more about whats going on around you for your team events and groups, take over gyms faster and easier when you do it in groups!

Pokemon Go Team Instinct!

Pokemon Go Team Valor!

Pokemon Go Team Mystic!

Join the epic battle going on in the real gaming world before it's too late, with Pokemon Go's newly growing gaming programs now is the time to start building your team and preparing for the battles yet to come. Niantic will soon start focusing on the battle foreground and will you be prepared with the strongest Pokemon line-up to be an asset to your team.

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